is a multidisciplinary creative with work spanning across the fields of ArchitectureGraphic Design, Visual Art, and Photography.

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The Cooper Union, 
Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture
—Bachelor of Architecture, 2023

Collection Agency
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Outside Development
Aace Lab
Alexander Gorlin Architects
Rare Photography
Asoko Creative Studio

Tree & Serpant, 2023
Vkhutemas: Laboratory of Modernism, 2023
Confronting Carbon Form, 2023
The Land is Not the Territory, 2023
The Patriot, 2022
City of Water, 2022
Tallinn Architecture Biennale, 2022
Brooklyn Utopias, 2022

Irma Giustino Weiss Prize, 2023
Arthur Thomson Thesis Fellowship, 2022
Cooper Union Grant Program, 2022
Menschel Fellowship, 2022
IDC Foundation Scholar, 2019-2022

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